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Hi everyone. Currently, I´m offering 3 types of membership. Each membership gives you access to a particular content and training. 

Online Curriculum gives you access to my entire curriculum, all the requirements from white to black belt. IMPORTANT NOTE: This curriculum is only a guidance for students and does not guarantee a belt. Belt tests are needed to achieve rank and all tests must be done physically. 

Online Curriculum and Access to Online Classes, gives you access to the entire curriculum and also access to my online classes (both: live and recorded). It includes both: Kajukenbo and Filipino Martial Arts Classes.

Curriculum and Classes gives you access to the entire curriculum, online and physical classes. Important Note: Only available for people from New York. This is restricted to only 4 people per class. Each person will be designated a day of the week to come and train. Also important, until further notice masks must be worn at all classes.

Online Curriculum

This option allows you to watch my entire curriculum and have access to pre-recorded seminars.

Online Curriculum + Access to Online Classes

This options allows you to not only watch the entire curriculum and seminars but also it will allow you to enjoy our Zoom classes. Can’t you make it to one class? No worries, a copy of the class will be published within 24 hours. 

In-Person Classes

This option gives you access to our in-person classes. Once all the spots are covered, this option will not be available.

Kajukenbo and Balintawak

This option gives you access to both activities: Kajukenbo and Balintawak.